The mind in combination with creativity can accomplish great things

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My online name is shadow_tj.

I am living at a small place in the netherlands, always working on development and technology when i can.

Since i was a small kid, i always liked to play with computers and learn new things, when i am not behind my computer you can find me with my camera making pictures or listening music.

I started my journey as programmer many years ago, and came in contact with computers when people where still afraid of computers, and tought you could break them simply by turning them on.

Photos taken years ago

One picture tells more than thousand words

3D Modeling and design

One of greatest passions beside making photo's with my camera is 3d modeling.

Specially designing virtual landscapes.

For me this is something you can spend hours or even months of time and let your creativity go complete to the limits.

The only limitation of creativity is the limit of your mind.

Game development

A few years back i started to do game development.

It started simply as a learning experience to learn new tools and programming languages.


I am already working as a programmer for many years.

Started to pickup programming when the old Commodore Amiga glory days stopped.
That gave me the boost to learn programming.
Simply because I always loved that old computer and wanted to know how to create new things and not push it into the trashcan.

My journey as programmer started simply by finding someone who wanted to teach me.

Learning knowledge yourself is a great thing,
learning from others who proven themselfs is golden.