Welcome to my website.

14 Feb 2012:

Again it has been a long time that i have posted something to my website.
But im still out there doing coding in my free time.
Still working on the delphi game engine.

Yesterday i have made dxut.pas working on delphi 2010.
This file is what i think is something like directx utils.
It makes creating directx applications a lot easier.
Because these files are never converted to unicode in delphi
I needed to convert them myself.

For now i got directx 9 working... however the new header files are not availible yet.
So for directx 11 i need to find these files.. or create them myself.

Thats what im doing in my free time now... creating directx samples.
When more things are working i will try to get some samples posted.

1 Jan 2012:

A new year has arrived, the year of change in many ways

normally i always post things what will come and has been done,
but not this year...

Why this new change is simple, i want to do new things in the time i have got.
Planning lots of new things and hope that all will happen in the time i got... is not the way to go for me.

Ok thats all for now... we gone cellebrate new years day.

18 december 2011:

Almost it is a new year again.
This year we have not done much online, we have changed jobs, and done some coding on other projects. But noyhing much interesting for the website. We have bought a ipad2, So im typing this tet now with my ipad2. strange is that it goes very easy to rewrite the website with it. Hopefully we will have new things for next year. Most people are asking when is he gng back to dxbx programming. To be sure i dont know. For now this is it.... soon more news updates. because its a lot of fun to update the site this way.